Lockdown, the Damage so Far, by Gary Jordan? Worth a Read?

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written by: Gary Jordan

Perhaps the most egregious assault on the people as a result of lockdowns was the assault on psychological health. This has been particularly noticeable in children – who have been subjected to the most heinous of multi-faceted attacks. With the ensuing poverty linked to the fake pandemic, many children all over the world were unable to access nourishing, healthy food and weren’t exercising like they use to. This would result in documented cases of negative brain development.

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) published an article in August 2021 which concluded that children born during the pandemic hoax scored lower than expected on cognitive tests which examined, among other things, verbal and motor ability. A study conducted by investigators at Cardiff University in Wales highlighted elevated emotional difficulties and behavioural problems among children in the 10 to 11 age bracket – particularly in those who came from poorer socio-economic backgrounds. It was claimed they would suffer a ‘lifelong footprint’ of mental adverse effects. Record numbers of children and teenagers required NHS mental health services, with nearly 200,000 being referred for appointments in just a 3 month period alone – double the standard number. For youngsters in America, it was no different. Staff at the East Carolina University in Greenville, for example, reported admissions to their medical school teaching hospital of five children per week from June 2020 onwards after they had overdosed on drugs such as acetaminophen, opiates, anti-depressants and Ritalin. This is in comparison to five per month in pre-COVID times.

Throughout the UK as a whole, there was a 29% rise in referrals for suspected cases of psychosis, as multitudes suffered the stress of isolation under lockdowns.

In the United States, from March 2020 to March 2021 there was a 30% increase in drug overdose fatalities. Increased abuse of drugs due to stress and depression was present in Indonesia in 2020, as reported by the National Narcotics Agency. In South Africa, there was an increase in the number of people turning to booze and over-the-counter medication during lockdowns. In Brazil, a decrease in income and constant exposure to media reports about death and illness during lockdowns were factors involved in the significant psychological harm done to those who were already vulnerable to mental illness. In Malaysia, lockdowns were the cause of increased mental anguish among those who have suffered from long term psychological problems and contributed to new cases in people who were never before prone to such issues. In Japan, a harrowing study showed that there were an estimated 2,600 excess suicides traced to lockdown in 2020.

In a study for the Lancet, a team of international researchers reported an extra 76 million cases of anxiety and an extra 53 million cases of depression worldwide due to COVID-19. A recent report in Nature also indicates the severity of lockdown-related mental health illness. It found that as countries imposed restrictions on movement, calls to global helplines from people experiencing loneliness and suicidal thoughts increased by at least 35%. An example of the pain and suffering caused by lockdowns is found in the case of 19-year-old Australian university student, Daisy Long, who committed suicide 6 weeks into an authoritarian shutdown in Sydney.

Another is the suicide of independent Thai musician, Prakaifa Pooldoung, who – like so many in the live music and entertainment industry – fell into financial strife when bars and clubs shut their doors leaving her without an income. This led to a decline in her mental health and subsequent suicide. Sadly, there have been far too many tragedies like this – all of them brought on by lockdowns, with many losing hope and choosing to put an end to their life.

Of course, as anyone who has been paying attention will be aware, the main reason for the imposition of lockdowns was to create a false choice between accepting the administration of a dangerous vaccine, that would under normal circumstances be rejected, versus the continued worldwide quarantine of healthy people. Billions have fallen for this and, as a result, huge numbers of people have become seriously ill or died as a result of the jab. When you combine this crime with the suicides, starvation, mental health emergencies, economic plunder and the tsunami of deaths caused due to the disruption of healthcare services, you have to conclude that lockdowns have killed untold numbers of people worldwide and caused incredible harm to a vast amount of others.

It is very clear that not only is Professor Neil Ferguson’s brainchild ineffective when it comes to preventing the spread of disease, it, instead, constitutes a severe crime against all of humanity.

As the primary architect of such lethal measures, Professor Doomsday will no doubt be aware – people have been hanged for much, much less.

Gary Jordan

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