“Decarbonising Zones”. Dublin: Ringsend and Irishtown are chosen for same.

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Ringsend and Irishtown Chosen as City’s First “Decarbonising Zone”

 by Laoise Neylon

Joe Donnelly and Fergal Purcell at the Fair Play Cafe in Ringsend. Photo by Laoise Neylon.

In the Fair Play community cafe in Ringsend on Tuesday, Joe Donnelly says he is delighted that Ringsend and Irishtown have been selected as the “decarbonising zone” for Dublin City.

As is Fergal Purcell, who’s also in the cafe. “We think this is great,” he says. “There are loads of opportunities in this area.”

With Megan Kuster, the two run the Ringsend Irishtown Sustainable Energy Community, which aims to engage and inform people about ways to reduce their carbon emissions.

That Ringsend and Irishtown have been picked as a neighbourhood for targeted climate action is mentioned in the draft development plan, the blueprint drawn up for the city that lays out a vision and some rules for how the city should develop, which is currently out for public consultation.

There are no clear targets yet but decarbonising zones will likely mean an increased emphasis on reducing carbon emissions through things like retrofitting homes, reducing traffic, increasing the supply of renewable energy, and greening initiatives.

Dublin City Council didn’t respond to queries about where it is at with its plans.

But, the draft development plan says it is working with Codema, Dublin’s energy agency, and also with the Dublin Metropolitan Climate Action Regional Office (CARO), on an implementation plan for demonstrator projects “harnessing a range of energies technologies and initiatives”.

……….When they do, Donnelly may show them the digital smart meter up by the food counter, that tracks how much electricity the solar panels on the roof have created, and the carbon emissions that were saved.……..

Fred Bassett: Dublin Inquirer is an excellent grass roots publication. For this reason I have removed the later paragraphs so that you will access directly Dublin Inquirer. This article is a must read as Climate Change affects us all at every level of society.

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