Joyriding, out of Control in parts of Dublin, Gardai Concerned??

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Gardaí concerned at ‘joyriding epidemic’ not seen for almost 30 years

 12th January 2022

Gardaí in west Dublin are becoming increasingly concerned about the activities of local youths who are involved in a “joyriding epidemic” that has not been seen in almost 30 years.

In the latest incident a large number of garda cars were involved in a pursuit that lasted for almost 15 minutes on Tuesday night. It started in the Clondalkin area at 9.30pm before it ended with six arrests in Chapelizod at 9.45pm.

All six male youths who were arrested were travelling in the same car.

The group of teenage boys videoed themselves as they led gardaí on a high speed chase in a suspected stolen car through Ballyfermot and Clondalkin.

In the video, recorded from within the car, one of the teen boys comments on the garda vehicles in hot pursuit, saying: “The chase is on boys. There’s three [Garda] cars….this is the real chase boys.”

A separate video, taken by associates of the teens in the car from the road, also shows the high speed garda chase, amid cheers from a group of assembled youths.

These videos have today gone viral on social media which is also a concern for gardaí who fear someone may get seriously injured or killed if these activities continue in west Dublin.

An additional concern for gardaí is that youths are carrying out these offences in order to gain notoriety online but they are putting people’s lives at serious risk, a source said.

“These are a new breed of joyriders who would not be even considered criminals – they are doing it for the sport and that is dangerous,” a senior source said.

Initial investigations led to the belief that the car involved in the chase had been stolen but officers are now satisfied that the 04 reg Toyota car may have been a so-called ‘company car’.

The vehicle was driven at great speeds, sometimes without its lights on, through the suburbs of Clondalkin and Ballyfermot.

It is understood that a stinger device was used to halt the car after it had done a “number of laps” while being chased by gardaí in the Liffey Valley area.

All of those arrested are from the locality and have since been released without charge.

“Gardaí arrested six male, teenage youths following an incident of dangerous driving on Outer Ring Road in Clondalkin yesterday evening, Tuesday 11th January 2022 at approximately 9.30pm,” a garda spokeswoman told

“All six youths have since been released from garda custody pending a referral to the Garda Youth Diversion Programme.

“Investigations are continuing,” she added.

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