Flashy gone into Hiding, well, they all come to a End at some time. Hopefully Flashy gets Jail Time, down the Road???

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Mr Flashy’s ‘Gucci Gang’ mob is no more as gang boss forced to use youths to do his bidding

Exclusive: Mr Flashy is now said to be hiding from his enemies, with many of his former pals and associates no longer by his side

A Finglas mob led by ‘Mr Flashy’ is no more — and the once-powerful gang boss is now using youths to do his bidding while in hiding.

The mob, known as the ‘Gucci Gang’ terrorised the Finglas area for years and was led by the gangster known as ‘Mr Flashy’ and associates such as Scott Capper and Caolan Smyth.

The mob boss has also suffered a recent personal loss after former pal Patrick Caslin was declared dead on Saturday — following a personal tragedy incident that occurred in Mellows Park, Finglas, last week.

It is understood the life support machine was being kept on over Saturday night in order to facilitate organ donation.

The horrific shooting, which saw Mr Caslin lying in a green area with a single gunshot wound last Thursday, is now understood to be being treated as a personal tragedy by gardai.

His death comes as Mr Flashy is now said to be hiding from his enemies, with many of his former pals and associates no longer by his side.

L-R Mark Capper, Unknown, Mohammed Smew, Scott
            Capper, Caolan Smith and Mr Flashy.
L-R Mark Capper, Unknown, Mohammed Smew, Scott Capper, Caolan Smith and Mr Flashy.

Pictures show the once-popular mob boss arm-in-arm with Caslin, Capper and others — all of whom are no longer standing by him.

Another picture shows Caslin with his pal Scott Capper, who is now in jail for two brutal assaults.

But sources say the mob boss known as ‘Mr Flashy’ had fallen out with most of his top associates — and his pal Caslin — after he sought repayment of a debt off him.

And we can now reveal that Caslin was due to face trial for money laundering — allegedly having in his possession over €4,000 in cash — knowing that it was from the proceeds of crime.

He was also charged with lodging an as of yet undisclosed sum of money in his bank account, on dates spanning over three years, knowing it was the proceeds of crime.

Sources say the money belonged to the ‘Gucci Gang’ — and in recent times Mr Flashy was seeking repayment of that money.

As previously revealed, Caslin sent his partner a text message telling her he loved her, shortly before he was found with a bullet wound to his head in Mellowes Avenue in Finglas on Thursday night.

Gardai say they are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident — and the gun used in it still has not been located.

It is understood that gardai suspect a gang of youths who were among the first to find Mr Caslin, foolishly took the gun from the scene.

The tragedy marks another personal blow for ‘Mr Flashy’ — who gained his nickname from his constant flaunting of his wealth on social media.

His gang, fronted by the likes of Capper, Smyth, Smew, also got the name the ‘Gucci Gang’ because of their blatant flaunting of designer gear.

Old pictures uncovered by the Irish Star show that ‘Mr Flashy’ frequently spent his time with the likes of Smew, Capper, Smyth and Caslin.

Mohammed Smew and Mark Capper are both now serving life sentences for their role in a Kinahan cartel plot to murder Patsy Hutch in 2019.

Another picture shows Flashy with Caslin and former pal Lee Boylan — who survived an attempt on his life after he was shot in rush-hour traffic on the Blakestown Road, near Blanchardstown in west Dublin on March 6, 2019.

Boylan is now understood to also be estranged from Flashy.

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