Graphic perhaps it comes at the right time to celebrate 2 years anniversary of Brexit. However, Hannah and her tweet reminds the UK that 80% of their beef…comes from Overseas (Ireland); add to this dairy pastures and dairy feed (very dependent on Ireland too). From the graphic, the UK is still very dependent on exports. Ireland has four times sea to landmass so imagine what we can do with the Atlantic and wind as a source of energy.

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Hannah Daly @HannahEDaly · Ireland produces about ~80% of the beef imported by the UK (that big chunk of land to the top right of the picture) and is the largest source of UK dairy imports (bottom right).
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Simon Evans @DrSimEvans · 10h Today seems like a good day to share this amazing graphic of UK land use (I estimate solar farms cover less than one tenth of one percent of the UK – 0.08%)


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