Tensions run High, in North Dublin, after Brutal Assault, on Teenager?

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Teenage boy beaten with golf club and other weapons in gang attack

  1st February 2022

A brutal attack on a teenage boy in a north Dublin suburb in which he was beaten with a golf club is expected to lead an increase in gang tensions in the locality.

The innocent victim is believed to have been attacked by at least four men in the incident which happened in the Dunsink area of Finglas last night and it is suspected that other implements apart from the golf club were also used in the gang attack.

Gardaí had initially received reports that hammers had been used in the assault which is suspected of being carried out by a gang who beat him multiple times.

The boy is understood to have suffered serious head injuries and remains in hospital today.

“Shortly after 10pm, gardaí received report that a male teenager was assaulted by a group. The teenager was taken to Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) Hospital at Temple Street,” a garda spokesman said.

“His injuries are believed to be non-life threatening. Investigations are ongoing,” he added.

The garda helicopter was deployed to the area in the aftermath of the incident but there have been no arrests so far in the case.

A road in the Deanstown area of Finglas remained sealed off this morning as gardaí continued to investigate the incident and another apparent separate gang dispute that broke out last night.

“It seems this teenager was targeted because of adult criminals who are known to him. It was a very serious incident, he is definitely no older than 16 years of age,” a source said.

A garda spokesman said that he was unaware of local reports that there was an attempt to bundle the victim into a van.

Meanwhile last night, there was also a gang “face-off” between members of the ‘Mr Flashy’ drugs gang and close associates of gangster Eric Fowler who was shot dead in Blanchardstown in December 2018.

The two factions have been feuding for a number of years and a violent incident is believed to have been triggered when they bumped into each other near the home of a close associate of Fowler.

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