This Drogheda Feud, is Far from Over; Lawlor is Dead, no Tears lost in Drogheda for him, but High profile people, have Vanished, many Questions, remain, Unanswered

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FEUD ATTACK Relative of murdered Keane Mulready-Woods targeted in petrol bomb attack

Car is set alight as tensions rise following recent court case

Keane Mulready Woods

Keane Mulready Woods

March 20 2022 02:30 AM

A car owned by a close male relative of Keane Mulready-Woods was targeted in a petrol bomb attack just hours after a man was sentenced for helping to clean up the property where the 17-year-old was murdered.

Senior sources say that last week’s events show that the bloody Drogheda, Co. Louth, feud which has claimed four lives “is not over yet”.

The Sunday World can reveal that gardai suspect that members of the so-called ‘Anti Maguire’ faction were involved in the petrol bomb attack and also damaging a house at the St Laurence housing estate in Drogheda.

The target is a man who was very well known to Keane and is not considered a participant in the bitter feud.

“His car was attacked and so was his house. A petrol bomb was thrown at the car and a flower pot was used to cause damage to the house,” a senior source said.

“No one was injured and there have been no arrests,” the source added.

And in the aftermath of father-of-eight Gerard ‘Ged’ McKenna (52) getting a four-year jail sentence last week, it can also be revealed that an innocent woman who is close to him received serious threats from the Maguire faction.

Gerard 'Ged' McKenna

Gerard ‘Ged’ McKenna

“This woman also has no involvement in the feud but she was threatened by who are believed to be members of the Maguire faction,” a source said.

“Thankfully there has been no violence since and gardai have not deemed the incident worthy of serving her with a GIM form at this stage. These two incidents do show that this feud is not over yet.”

Tensions are also expected to increase next month when Paul Crosby (26) and Gerard Cruise (47), both from Rathmullen Park in Drogheda, face trial for the murder of Keane at the non-jury Special Criminal Court.

Paul Crosby

Paul Crosby

It comes as sources say “one of the most likely motives” for the gruesome murder that caused international outrage is that Keane was blamed by slain gangland serial killer Robbie Lawlor and other members of the Anti Maguire faction for “storing the weapon that was used in the Richie Carberry murder or even having a more active role in that”.

No evidence has come to light to support this theory.

Richie Carberry, a 39-year-old drugs trafficker who was shot dead outside his home in Bettystown, Co. Meath, in November 2019, was the second murder victim of the feud and the brother-in-law of Robbie Lawlor.

A prominent theory is that after Lawlor was released from jail in December, 2019, he identified Keane as being involved in the murder of his brother-in-law and vowed revenge.

Robbie Lawlor

Robbie Lawlor

And gardai are satisfied that Robbie Lawlor ordered ‘Ged’ McKenna to clean up the house where the gruesome murder happened in January 2020. Keane’s body was dismembered and his remains were found in a number of locations after the killing.

Despite McKenna’s best efforts, gardai found the property covered in blood spatters during their investigation.

The scene where human body parts were found on Moateview Drive in Coolock. Pic Steve Humphreys 14th January 2020

The scene where human body parts were found on Moateview Drive in Coolock. Pic Steve Humphreys 14th January 2020

Evidence was heard at his Central Criminal Court trial how McKenna had been ordered by an unnamed criminal to get rid of evidence after allowing his house to be used by the killers.

Lawlor was described in court as a now deceased criminal of “very significant notoriety” who was linked to several murders including that of a “very close friend”.

Lawlor, who was a member of the so-called Anti Maguire faction in the Drogheda feud, was also the chief suspect for a string of murders including that of Tallaght criminal Mark Byrne (29) in 2005, David ‘Fred’ Lynch (26) in 2009 and his pal Noel Deans (27) the following year.

He was himself shot dead in Belfast three months after the murder of Keane Mulready-Woods as part of an extremely complicated plot which is also allegedly linked to the Drogheda feud, as well as other criminal disputes.

The investigation into the clean-up at the murder house in Drogheda is just one of many feud probes which were led by Chief Superintendent Christy Mangan, who is also in charge of the overall murder investigation.

The highly respected senior officer is retiring at the end of this month after a 40-year career in An Garda Síochána.

Many sources credit him with preventing even more bloodshed in the criminal dispute, which originally flared up when gang boss Owen Maguire was left paralysed after being shot in July, 2018.

Gardai at the scene in Moatview Gardens in Coolock where it is beleived a dismembered body was found. Pic:Mark Condren 13.1.2019

Gardai at the scene in Moatview Gardens in Coolock where it is beleived a dismembered body was found. Pic:Mark Condren 13.1.2019

“He is a vastly experienced officer and a brilliant investigator. He ran a very steady ship during times of real crisis in Drogheda and he will be missed,” our source explained.

Chief Supt Mangan previously said that he felt great comfort when the people of Drogheda gathered on the Bridge of Peace and “told the drug gangs to get out of their town”, enabling him to push on during the height of the feud.

Following this, he led his officers in their seizures of huge amounts of assets and product from drug dealers in the area.

He thanked the people of Drogheda for showing immense support during that difficult time.

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  1. I am shocked with all the horrible murders in Ireland
    I am irish Dublin what has happened to the peaceful
    Ireland that I grew up in …
    There has to be more punishment for the crimes. Longer times in prison it it so sad the beautiful country of my heritage Ireland having all violence … I shredding tears of sadness


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