Emily the Model, former girlfriend, of the Monk’s Nephew, Alan Hutch?

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Model allegedly punched woman ‘between her eyebrows’ during row at Luas stop

 12th April 2012

A model punched a young woman “between her eyebrows” during a row at a Luas stop, it is alleged.

Emily Stewart (26) is accused of attacking the woman, whose face was left “swollen and sore”.

Ms Stewart, an ex-girlfriend of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s nephew, Alan Hutch, was remanded on continuing bail at Dublin District Court to decide on a plea.

The accused, with an address at Howth Road, Clontarf, is charged with assault causing harm to a 25-year-old woman.

The court heard the incident was alleged to have happened at Bluebell Luas stop, Naas Road on July 20 last year.

Evidence of the accused’s arrest, charge and caution had been submitted to the court by certificate and Judge Patricia Cronin noted that the accused replied “no comment” after caution.

Garda Sergeant Niall Murphy said the DPP consented to the case being dealt with at district court level subject to the issue of jurisdiction being considered.

Sgt Murphy said a summary of the evidence, a copy of the accused’s memo of garda interview and statements were available to be disclosed to the defence.

Judge Cronin asked for an outline of the allegations so she could consider jurisdiction.

Sgt Murphy said there was an altercation and the alleged victim involved herself when other parties were fighting.

It was alleged Ms Stewart approached the woman and punched her between her eyebrows. Her face was swollen and sore afterwards but she did not require medical attention.

Judge Cronin said if there was no medical report there was nothing further to consider and she accepted jurisdiction, allowing the case to remain in the district court.

She remanded Ms Stewart on continuing bail to a date in May when she will be expected to either enter a plea or be given a date for the hearing of the case if she is contesting the charge.

Judge Cronin granted free legal aid after defence solicitor Eoin Lysaght said his client was not working, and handed in a statement of her financial means.

Ms Stewart was once injured in a car crash caused by criminal Kieron “The Wolf” Ducie. She was a passenger in his jeep when it overturned in 2016, and he was jailed for five months for dangerous uninsured driving. However, he later had the prison sentence overturned on appeal.

Ducie was given a two-and-a-half year suspended jail sentence in 2013 for organising for another man to supply cocaine to tragic model Katy French.

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