His Former Housemate, Beaten up, and Robbed at the Luas? Some Thug, Lawlor?

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‘Wanton thuggery’ as man beat and robbed former housemate

  14th April 2022

A DUBLIN man who beat up a former housemate at a Luas stop and robbed him of his bicycle has been jailed for five months for the act of “wanton thuggery”.

Gary Lawlor (24) believed the victim owed him money when he attacked him and took his bike, then followed him into a restaurant to get the lock.

Judge David McHugh made the sentence consecutive to one Lawlor is already serving for a separate offence.

Lawlor, from Cushlawn Park, Tallaght, pleaded guilty at Blanchardstown District Court to assault causing harm to the victim, and robbery.

Garda Sergeant Maria Callahan said the incident happened at Kylemore Luas stop, Clondalkin, on August 24, 2020. Lawlor got off a tram and approached the victim at the stop, shouting and threatening him.

He struck the victim several times to the face, causing his nose to bleed, and robbed him of his bicycle.

The victim went to the nearby McDonald’s to get a tissue for his nose, to get help and to call gardaí.

The accused followed him in and a row took place, Sgt Callaghan said.

Lawlor took the victim’s bike lock before leaving and boarding a tram.

Gardaí were called and viewed CCTV from the scene.

The accused made no admissions when he was later arrested and questioned.

The victim was not seriously injured, apart from his bloody nose, but was “shaken and frightened”, and his property was never recovered, the court heard.

Lawlor was serving a two-year sentence for drugs charges and had a total of 12 previous convictions, but none were for robbery.

His barrister, Ciaran MacLoughlin, said his client knew the victim as they used to live together.

The accused had been of the belief that the man owed him some money when he reacted the way he did on the day, Mr MacLoughlin said.

The violence appeared “almost random,” Mr MacLoughlin said.

Lawlor hit the man but said there was “a little bit from both of them and the injured party was able to look after himself”.

However, Lawlor accepted the incident was appalling and should not have happened, the court was told.

“Wanton thuggery of the first order,” Judge McHugh said, imposing the sentence.

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