A Mothers Pain, of her Son’s Death, due to Drugs. Thankfully now the Hunt is on, for Ireland’s most Wanted??

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‘I don’t go to funerals anymore. I’ve seen too many of John’s friends die’ – mother whose son died from drug overdose says sanctions against Kinahan crime gang ‘long overdue’

(L-R) Daniel Kinahan, Christopher Kinahan Jr and Christopher Kinahan Sr have all been sanctioned
An addict prepares heroin (Photo: JULIEN BEHAL)

(L-R) Daniel Kinahan, Christopher Kinahan Jr and Christopher Kinahan Sr have all been sanctioned

April 12 2022 04:29 PM

A mother whose son died from a drug overdose said the sanctions that have been imposed on the Kinahan crime gang today are “not before time”.

Annette’s son John died from a heroin overdose one week before his 32nd birthday in 2013.

She said the loss in revenue which the Kinahan crime group will suffer going forward is “a drop in the ocean” compared to “the tears that have been cried by the mothers in Ireland and other countries that have been devastated by drugs”.

Annette told RTÉ’s Liveline that John was introduced to “hash” when he was 17 years old, which she described as a “gateway drug”.

From there, she said John “spiralled” further into addiction and he eventually “went down a horrible road” that lead to heroin.

Annette said when John died, he weighed very little as his body had been “ravaged by drugs” and he left behind him a baby boy and a heartbroken family.

She said her son’s addiction and his subsequent death had a ripple effect for the family including a substantial debt which she was saddled with.

Annette said two men visited her door some years ago and claimed to be “debt collectors”.

They informed her that John owed €36,000 and said, “either pay the debt or you’ll have a death”.

She said she is still paying off €10,000 which she borrowed from a bank, on a widow’s pension, while drug dealers are able to reap the benefits of crime.

“I have no child because of drugs,” she said.

“It doesn’t matter what happens out there, nothing will change for me and hundreds of other mothers and fathers in Ireland and all over the world.

“These people are living the high life. Going to Dubai, I can’t go to Bray.”

Annette said she still cannot sleep at night because she is traumatised by the fear she lived with for so many years.

“I stopped sleeping because I was terrified by a knock on the door or someone coming through the window. My son will be dead 10 years in January, I still don’t sleep. I can’t switch off. I still wake up during the night and hear noises and wonder and then remember that’s not our life anymore,” she said.

Annette said John is “out of harm’s way but he’ll never be out of our hearts”.

“There is no name for a mother who loses a child because it’s not natural to survive your children… The pain that that leaves you is indescribable,” she added.

Annette said the reality of her son’s addiction is the “polar opposite” to life which drug dealers portray when the try and “draw in” young people.

She said the international policing operation to tackle the Kinahan crime gang which was announced today is long overdue.

“How many more kids and mother’s sons and daughters have to have their lives destroyed, their children taken away from them, their children’s lives, the ripple effect of that one person using in that family just keeps going and going,” she said.

“I don’t go to funerals anymore. I’ve seen too many of John’s friends die… the hurt and the pain is too much.”

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