Another Brutal Murder, in Sligo, Ireland has too many, Horrific Murders??

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Gardaí probe hate related motive for brutal murder of Fine Gael activist Aidan Moffitt in Sligo

 14th April 2022

Gardaí are examining if there was a hate related motive to the brutal killing of a Fine Gael activist in Sligo as they upgraded their investigation to a murder probe.

They are also investigating whether Aidan Moffitt, a Peace Commissioner aged in his late 30s, met his attacker online.

The highly respected businessman was found dead in the Cartron Heights area of Sligo town yesterday at 8.30 pm.

It is understood Mr Moffitt, an auctioneer, was originally from Lisacul, near Ballaghadereen in Co Roscommon, suffered a violent death.

In a statement released tonight, gardaí said Mr Moffitt received “significant physical injuries”.

They issued a range of safety advice to the public when speaking with or intending to meet up with someone they have met online.

This includes getting a photo of the person’s face and being cautious when a person does not share a recent photo of themselves – particularly after you have shared yours.

If the person does not want to share a photo of their face, gardaí advise that you ask the person to take part in a live video call.

Gardaí also urged the public to check the person’s social media handles and be wary of new accounts with few posts and a low number of followers.

They also urged people to let their friends know where they are going and to send a trusted friend a text with your live location so you can be found it you need help.

Mr Moffitt’s body was removed from the house this afternoon and taken to University Hospital Sligo where a post mortem will take place, conducted by State Pathologist Sally Anne Collis,

Gardaí in Sligo are appealing for any person with any information on this murder to make contact.

Gardaí said the results of the post-mortem will determine the course of their investigation. However, it is believed Mr Moffitt suffered severe injuries and the investigation will likely be upgraded to murder.

The scene has been sealed off while Gardaí continues a forensic examination of the house.

Mr Moffitt was a personal friend of Fine Gael TD for Sligo Leitrim, Frank Feighan who described news of the death as “a huge shock.”

“People are numbed. He was a good friend and colleague and was very well-liked.

“My thoughts are with his family. I dropped by last night and this morning to pay my respects.”

A neighbour of the deceased Rosaleen Oldfield, a retired teacher, described Mr Moffitt as a “lovely, caring young man.”

“I can’t believe it. I haven’t slept all night. I feel absolutely sick.

“You hear about these things happening someplace else but to hear it is on our doorstep is so shocking.

“Aidan was a really, really lovely and caring young man. I couldn’t say enough about him.

“He was a great neighbour. He wasn’t here all the time just mostly at weekends. But I have known him very well since he bought the house.

“He was more friendly with my husband really and then my husband passed away two years at the start of Covid and when Aidan heard he was so good to me.

“I was in isolation and he rang me and said if there is anything he could do for me to give him a shout.

“He rang me a few times to see was I alright which was so kind of a young man who needn’t have bothered.

“I can’t believe it. It’s shocking. He was just so nice.

“I know these things happen but… I had no idea anything was up until I saw the ambulances and gardaí arrived.

“I hadn’t seen anyone coming or going. It’s a very quiet street normally.”

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