Germany, core of the EU snubbed while Brexit (maybe even orchestrated by Dictator Putin) Prime Minister Boris Johnson was a welcome guest. Why? Source: THE GZERO NEWSLETTER SIGNAL

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The latest from Ukraine

In a stunning rebuke, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday refused to host German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who was planning a solidarity tour to Kyiv along with the presidents of Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Zelensky’s snub comes just days after he rolled out the red carpet for British PM Boris Johnson and strolled around the Ukrainian capital with him.

Part of this is about Steinmeier specifically: during his two stints as German foreign minister – including in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea – he showed great deference to Moscow. What’s more, he’s good buddies with former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, who is famously cozy with the Kremlin himself.

But Zelensky is also peeved at the Germans more broadly for failing to kick their Russian gas habit and sever economic ties with Moscow.

Critics have also condemned Berlin for not sending Kyiv enough weapons.

Still, was Zelensky’s decision to shame Europe’s largest economy a wise move? After all, he will still need Germany on board to further isolate Vladimir Putin – economically and militarily. That’s all the more true since Putin said Tuesday that peace talks with Kyiv have reached “a dead end,” vowing that his troops would continue to pursue their “noble” aims in Ukraine.

Fred poses a question that is mulling around in his head for days if not weeks now. Why did Dictator Putin arrive with his military ships to the south west of Ireland? Why does such a small country like Ireland have so many Russians in the embassy premises in Orwell Road? Why did Russian Embassy submit plans for extensive constructions works at their embassy on five acres in Orwell Road? Why did the Irish Government expel four diplomats making a reference to the spy pursuits ie playing both side of the covers. Working with the Loyalists in North of Ireland, while working with dissidents in Ireland. Brexit hangs in the balance I think of their agenda.

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