Why was John Finucanes Name, mentioned, in relation, to the Cartel, John, is a Decent Lawyer?

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Sinn Féin insists North Belfast MP John Finucane has ‘no connection’ to Daniel Kinahan

  7 hrs ago

Sinn Féin has insisted that North Belfast MP John Finucane has “no connection” with gang kingpin Daniel Kinahan.

The MP is the co-owner and high-profile solicitor of Belfast-based law firm Finucane Toner, which in 2020 sent out two legal letters on behalf of Daniel Kinahan after he was named as the head of one of the world’s biggest drug cartels.

Mr Finucane told the Sunday Life newspaper in October 2020 that he did not represent Mr Kinahan and today Sinn Féin TD David Cullinane said the MP had “no connection” with the mobster.

“John Finucane doesn’t speak on behalf of Daniel Kinahan,” Mr Cullinane said. “He has no connections with any of those individuals.”

“John Finucane is a solicitor and does his job, but there is absolutely no sense or circumstance that anybody in Sinn Féin would represent any of these criminals, absolutely not,” he said.

It comes after a major crackdown by US authorities on the Kinahan crime gang, with US ambassador to Ireland Claire Cronin announcing yesterday that there is a $5m reward for information which will lead to the “financial disruption” of cartel or the arrest and conviction of Christy Kinahan Snr and his sons Daniel and Christopher Jnr.

Mr Cullinane said Sinn Féin wanted “these people behind bars”.

“We’ve taken a very, very strong, robust position on this which is the correct position that every lever of the State needs to be used to bring these people to justice. I think that they are causing huge havoc in the communities that they represent,” he said.

“I would also reiterate a view that has been expressed by many that they should be ostracised from within the sporting fraternity, that nobody should be engaging with these people,” he said.

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