Costello Stole Nothing, but is Irish, and goes to Jail; anybody, getting the Point?

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Trespasser was ‘casing the joint’, says judge

 15th April 2022

A YOUNG man who trespassed in the yard of a kitchen manufacturer was “quite clearly casing the joint” a judge has said as he jailed him for five months.

DJ Costello (23) was caught on CCTV when he climbed over a fence and walked around the empty building, before he walked out again.

The defendant, of Pinewood Green Lawns in Balbriggan, Dublin, admitted trespassing at Tierney Kitchens in Balbriggan on May 6 last year.

Garda Kerry Hewitson told Swords District Court that CCTV showed Costello climb across a fence and walk around the yard and building, before he walked out again.

Costello seemed to be “exploring the area”, she said.

Defence solicitor Fiona D’Arcy said Costello did not put anyone in fear.

He “walked in and walked out” and there was nothing more sinister, she said.

Ms D’Arcy said the defendant had been battling addiction, which had spiralled two years ago when his brother died.

She said Costello had been drug-free for four weeks and asked the judge to give him one final chance.

Imposing a five-month sentence, the judge said Costello was “quite clearly casing the joint”.

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