We Love Our Dogs – So Why Do We Treat Them So Badly?

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We Love Our Dogs – So Why Do We Treat Them So Badly?

The Canine Mental Health Crisis Exposed

Dan Murphy JANUARY 30 2022

Your Pet Nutrition

Before the pandemic, it was the best time ever to be a human. We lived longer, fought less and had more opportunities than our ancestors. This is the world that we hope to return to soon.

But what about for dogs? For them, these years are quite possibly the worst time to be alive.

40,000 Irish dogs suffer with mental health issues. Over 85% of dogs display “problem behaviours”, including:

     > Eating grass or poo

     > Constant barking

     > Furniture chewing

     > And separation anxietyUnwanted behaviours are behind a third of dog deaths under the age of 3.

Behaviour issues have risen by 25% in the past 2 years.

Mental health has become the biggest problem dogs face today.

All the research agrees. Irish dogs today suffer from more behaviour issues than ever.

And dog behaviour expert Dr Michael Lazaris says the pandemic has exposed a crisis that’s been building for decades.

Dr Lazaris has treated over 15,800 dogs in the past 10 years. He’s seen how our dogs are suffering, first-hand.

It’s not just dogs’ mental health that’s crumbling. Every day more dogs come to my practice with physical problems that weren’t an issue 10 years ago.”

“Look at golden retrievers for instance: their lifespan is now a whole 7 years shorter than it once was.”

“More than half of dogs over 10 now get cancer. And rates of digestive disorders, obesity, joint pain, and allergies are at a record high.”

Michael has made a terrifying connection, something no one else has spotted:

“Canine behaviour and health problems are skyrocketing, because there’s one cause behind both problems.”

“Bad nutrition in modern dog food”

The research is damning:

A recent study from The University of Nottingham found up to 94% of all dog foods today lack vital nutrients. And according to a “Which?” investigation: premium foods are just as bad as cheap ones.

Bad nutrition impacts a dog’s behaviour, as well as their health.

Grass eating, scavenging, chewing and digging are signs of a dog trying desperately to find nutrients.

They can feel something is wrong, and it makes them very stressed, so they’re also much more jumpy and clingy

Because being starved of nutrients causes painful digestion, achy joints, low energy and dry, itchy skin.

It even shortens their lives.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Dr Lazaris has discovered a technique that eliminates these problems, simply by bringing crucial nutrients back to a dog’s diet.

His method has already helped thousands of dogs kick bad behaviours and get their health back since it went public.

One pet parent remarked:

“This is amazing! If you want to help your dog live a long, happy life, this method is astonishing. So easy and so effective.”

Michael now wants to share this new technique with as many owners as possible.

So he’s created a short video revealing the steps to help any dog kick bad behaviours and live a longer, healthier life.

Plus support healthy joints, good digestion, and a strong immune system.

“It’s something any owner can do at home, in under a minute a day, without even changing your dog’s food,” Michael says

You can watch his presentation below, completely free and uninterrupted.

Click here to watch it now.

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