Longford, a Town under Siege, from a Family Feud, that is Far from over??

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HAD ENOUGH Senator says specialist CAB unit needed to end Longford feud

‘Court appearances and jail time mean nothing to these guys, they need to be hit in the pocket that is the only thing they understand’

Senator Micheál Carrigy

Senator Micheál Carrigy

April 16 2022 01:03 PM

A leading politician has called for a dedicated CAB team to be established to target the feuding families in Longford.

The latest incident in the long running feud saw a man stabbed in a Longford fast food outlet, an incident for which Patrick Stokes, (27), from Edgeworthstown is before the courts.

Now locally based Senator Micheál Carrigy has said enough is enough and called for a specialist unit of CAB to be set up to deal with the tensions.

He told the Sunday World, “Court appearances and jail time mean nothing to these guys, they need to be hit in the pocket that is the only thing they understand.

“Those involved are wealthy and we need a CAB unit with the resources to target that wealth, CAB have the facility to go after bank accounts, social welfare payments and the like, that’s what needs to be done.

“I have seen situations where people involved in the feud have been brought before the courts and despite Garda objections been released on bail and after pleading poverty being assigned free legal aid before strolling out and getting in their top of the range motors.

“That sort of thing gets right up the noses of the ordinary hard working Longford people, just like the better known criminal gangs these guys are waving two fingers at everyone else.

The senator added: “I’d use the way the feud in Drogheda was tackled as the blueprint for Longford, give the Gardai the resources and they can deal with it.

“With that in mind I would be suggesting that the CAB unit should work hand in hand with the local guards who have built up vast knowledge on how these gangs operate.

“They need to be resourced to target not just those in the front line of the feud but also those who are offering support mechanisms.

“This is not just feuding, this is serious criminal violence

“These people need to be removed from the streets of Longford for as long as possible and the judiciary have a huge role to play in that.

“What we and this town needs is more resources and what’s required is foot patrols to be carried out every working day in Longford and that should be on top of a dedicated CAB effort, get in their faces on a daily basis that is the only way to end this.”

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