Today on the Currency, Worth a Read, US Sanctions will work, and those involved, in the Boxing World, will Abide by the Laws, US$5 Million Bounty on the Kinahan Cartel? Hunt is on.

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Good morning, On Tuesday, Francesca was among those journalists present at an extraordinary press conference at City Hall in Dublin when it was announced that the US government were placing sanctions on senior members of the Kinahan gang and offering a $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest of Daniel Kinahan, his brother Christy and his father Christy senior. It may turn out to be a pivotal moment in the story as it moves from one that has received much coverage here to one that gets sustained international attention. Today Dion talks to the New York Times’s Kevin Draper about what the sanctions will mean for the Kinahans and why the penny is dropping slowly for those in boxing like Bob Arum. Arum, Draper says, was loved by journalists for his willingness to give a quote and he has said plenty of things about Kinahan over the years before announcing this week that he would abide by the sanctions and have nothing to do with him. Arum was on the farcical Zoom press conference on Thursday when there wasn’t a single question put to Tyson Fury who was photographed with Kinahan in February in Dubai and who has praised him in the past, about the man sanctioned this week. Draper talks about Arum but also about boxing’s denial and how it has worked for them.

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