Europe: Swap Russian Gas for Renewables. Source: Global Citizen Action Digest

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Europe: Swap Russian Gas for Renewables

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The Problem

To save the planet we need to end our reliance on fossil fuels like oil and gas.

Who Can Help

The EU just pledged to stop importing gas from Russia, but now they’re looking at replacing it with more dirty energy.

What You Can Do

EU leaders are meeting this month to discuss energy policy – send an urgent tweet for them to put renewables first.

More about this Action

European countries just announced urgent measures to end all imports of fossil fuels from Russia to avoid funding President Putin’s war in Ukraine.

This radical action shows how Europe can act fast and in unison to change policies that will save lives.

Now, we need the EU to do the same by replacing its damaging reliance on fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy to protect our planet.

It’s a huge window of opportunity for positive climate action, but right now some EU countries are pushing to replace Russian gas with more dirty energy sources.

We can’t let that happen. EU leaders are meeting this month to discuss energy policy. With a wave of public pressure we can help make sure renewables are at the top of their agenda.

Send an urgent message calling on Europe’s leaders to swap Russian gas for renewables that protect our environment – tweet now.Use template

262/280 Characters👋 @EUCouncil @Palazzo_Chigi @Bundeskanzler @MorawieckiM: the #REPowerEU plan is a step in the right direction but we can’t afford any policies that jeopardize climate progress. I’m counting on you to invest in renewables and end 🇪🇺 dependence on fossil fuels.

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