There was a time when war artists went to the battle fronts to record war; then there were cameras; now it is near instantaneous and there are the satellites … This is an Irish man born in 1870. Ireland was part of the British Empire then, Dublin was the second city of the Empire; this man served in the military like many and fought in the Boer War, Africa, and in WW1. The photo is so sanitized. War destroys yet when we see soldiers, there is always order and regimentation which conceals the real Truth.

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The Irish at War


#OnThisDay 1870 Major Doctor Thomas Crean VC DSO was born in Dublin. Crean was an international rugby star and played for Leinster, Ireland (our first Triple Crown) & the Lions. Crean was awarded the Victoria Cross during the Boer War and the DSO in WW1. #Ireland #History #WW1


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