Another Foreigner, Flies into Ireland, and Drives with Forged Insurance; Attitude, Fuck Irish Laws?

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Motorist had ‘crude’ forged insurance documents for car bought on Faceboo

A MOTORIST caught driving with a “very crude and basic” forged insurance disc said he had bought the car for €500 on Facebook, a court heard.

Construction worker Valentin Ciuraru (19) was banned from driving for two years and fined €400.

Ciuraru, a father-of-one with an address at Hendrick Street, Dublin 7, admitted uninsured driving and having a counterfeit disc.

Dublin District Court heard the accused was stopped driving at Dunne Street, Dublin 1, last February

He produced his licence but had no other documents and the gardaí saw that the insurance disc that was displayed appeared to be counterfeit.

Ciuraru claimed he had bought the disc with the vehicle a few days previously.

He had no previous convictions.

The accused said he had sourced the car on Facebook Marketplace and bought it for €500 from a fellow Romanian, his solicitor said.

In Romania, it was the car that was insured rather than the person, and Ciuraru had presumed he could drive it for a few days and then sort out the proper procedure.

Judge Bryan Smyth remarked there was an “old adage, when in Rome…”.

Ciuraru was never in trouble before and had been in Ireland for three years, Mr O’Mahony said.

The counterfeit was very crude and basic and did not require examination by any documentation experts, the court heard.

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