200 Emails and Texts, is not Normal, we could ask the Red Bull? Case to be Continued? Alleged Stalking is a Scary Experience?

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It must be nice to have someone… all I have now is my Red Bull and smokes’ – woman claims she was stalked by ex-boyfriend who blamed her for breakup

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April 16 2022 10:29 AM

A woman who claims she was stalked by her ex-partner has said she was afraid after he sent constant texts and emails, followed her around and left unwanted gifts at her parents’ house.

The woman alleged Dermot Carr (50) left cigarettes and an energy drink on her new boyfriend’s car and mailed: “It must be nice to have someone… all I have now is my Red Bull and smokes… I still love you.”

The woman’s friend alleged Mr Carr blamed her for the breakup and she felt threatened by a “karma” comment he made in an email to her.
Mr Carr of Cassian Court, Royal Canal Park is pleading not guilty to harassing his ex in Dublin in 2018 and 2019.

The case was part-heard before Judge Grainne Malone at Dublin District Court and adjourned for continuation later. It is alleged Mr Carr sent more than 200 emails and dozens of texts.

Defence solicitor Richard Young said the allegations were disputed. The alleged victim said after the breakup, she began to receive 10 to 20 texts per day but she did not respond.

When she began seeing someone else, she alleged Mr Carr started following her around and contacted members of her family. When she changed her phone number she began receiving weekly emails and “realised she was being followed”.

One mail referenced where she and her new boyfriend had gone out to eat.

“What’s the story with pizza?” he allegedly said, “I would have made sure you had a lovely dinner”.

It was alleged the accused said in a mail he would put tracking devices on her new boyfriend’s and her brother’s cars, but none were found.

She alleged he sent a photo of her brother’s house and a message: “This is only going to get worse until you talk to me.”

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“I took that as a threat,” she told the court.

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