Judge Tony Hunt, Stated, a Life Sentence Awaits the Mastermind behind the Lunney Attack, and Abduction? Who ever he may be?

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No arrests imminent as home of Seán Quinn searched amid cross-border crime allegations

– 45m ago

21st April 2022

No arrests are expected to be made in the immediate future as gardaí carry out what sources describe as a “broad but very thorough investigation” into alleged cross-border criminality after they searched the home of former billionaire Seán Quinn yesterday.

An aghast Mr Quinn (74) said he did not know why his Co Cavan home was searched, and his solicitor Chris McGettigan told the Irish Independent the major garda operation “was like a bolt out of the blue”.

Officers recovered a mobile phone along with a large amount of documentation.

“This is all part of a lengthy ongoing investigation into a number of separate matters of concern,” a senior source said last night.

It is understood intimidation is a main focus of the investigation, but Ireland’s former richest man has always denied being involved in any criminality.

Yesterday Enniskillen-based solicitor Mr McGettigan said the search at Mr Quinn’s home lasted around two and a half hours after it started at around 11am.

Mr McGettigan said a member of the gardaí had told him the searches were undertaken as a result of complaints made by members of QIH (Quinn Industrial Holdings) and QBRC (Quinn Business Retention Company), which has since been renamed Mannok.

Mr McGettigan said he had been informed about who had made the criminal complaints against Mr Quinn when he spoke by phone to a garda at the property in the Ballyconnell area of Co Cavan.

“We don’t have the details of the complaints that have been made. We have been trying to ask these questions,” Mr McGettigan said.

When asked how Mr Quinn felt about the garda operation, the solicitor said: “It is very disconcerting to not have the details of the allegations that are made against you.

“It is a fundamental principle in law that someone should know what allegations are being made against them.”

Mr Quinn told the BBC that gardaí told him “it was coercion, deception, harassment – stuff like that.”

He said he “asked them who was I harassing, this that and the other and they said: ‘Look, we can’t tell you that. We just have to do our investigation but that’s what we’re here for.’

“They never mentioned anything about criminality. Unless harassment is criminality, they never mentioned anything like that.”

Mr Quinn said he then told the gardaí: “It’s just a fishing expedition is all I can see, because you can’t tell me why you’re here.

“So they said we will do the investigation and report back. So they took my phone, they took my diary and they took big boxes of stuff and went off with it.”

Gardaí said they had carried out a search as part of an “ongoing investigation into alleged criminal activity in Cavan and the wider border region”.

Some employees at QIH, which was renamed as Mannok in 2020, have complained of a campaign of intimidation dating back several years.

Last year three men were convicted of abducting and intentionally causing serious harm to Mannok director Kevin Lunney.

The three criminals were sentenced to prison terms of 18, 25 and 30 years.

At the time Mr Justice Tony Hunt warned that life sentences awaited whoever “organised, financed or potentially obtained significant benefits from these crimes.”

Mr Quinn has condemned the violence inflicted on Mr Lunney, describing it as a “barbaric act” in an interview last year.

Mr Quinn has repeatedly stated he had nothing to do with the sabotage against his former business over the years.

Following the convictions, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said he expects to see others being charged in connection with a campaign against the company directors.

“What I would say with the investigation team, and I know what they’re doing, they are following where the evidence takes them. We’ve gathered evidence,” Mr Harris told reporters last November.

It is understood that a major focus of the Garda investigation has been probing finances.

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