Well now, MTK to Stop Trading, next week, should we Shed Tears, I Dont think so?

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MTK Global to cease activities after ‘unfair criticism’ since Daniel Kinahan sanctions

Daniel Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan

April 21 2022 02:30 AM

MTK Global yesterday announced it will cease to operate from the end of this month after receiving “unfair criticism” following the sanctioning of Daniel Kinahan.

Kinahan, who founded the boxing management company, was last week named as being head of the Kinahan crime gang and hit with worldwide financial sanctions by the United States government.

The US has offered a $5m (€4.6m) reward for information on the group leading to the arrest and conviction of its leaders.

Kinahan, who has always denied any wrongdoing, is alleged to be one of the leaders of a cartel the US authorities accuse of smuggling drugs, money laundering and bringing violence to “the most vulnerable in society”.

In a statement yesterday, MTK Global said it will cease operations, although it maintained that Kinahan’s involvement with the company ended in 2017. 

“As a business we have faced unprecedented levels of unfair scrutiny and criticism since the sanctioning by the US government of Daniel Joseph Kinahan,” the statement read. 

“It is a matter of public record that Mr Kinahan’s in- volvement in MTK ceased in 2017, and despite repeated reassurances in this regard, unfounded allegations about his ongoing association with us and our fighters persist.

“Since leading promoters have now informed us that they will be severing all ties with MTK and will no longer work with our fighters, we have taken the difficult decision to cease operations at the end of this month.

“MTK prospered because we always put the long-term interests of our fighters at the heart of what we do. Our priority in the weeks ahead will be to ensure that our world-class boxers are supported to find new partnerships as swiftly as possible. MTK gyms are operated independently so will remain open for the foreseeable future.”

Tyson Fury, who was advised by Kinahan in the past, said the recent sanctions were “nowt to do with me” and he has “absolutely zero” business with the alleged crime boss.

A day after US sanctions were brought against Dubai-based Kinahan, a virtual press conference took place to preview the fight at Wembley, but, with a moderator on hand to pick the journalists allowed to ask questions, Fury was not quizzed on the issue.


He did, however, address the elephant in the room after Tuesday’s open workout at BOXPARK Wembley.

Asked if he had any business with Kinahan, Fury said: “Zero, absolutely zero. 

“It’s none of my business. I keep my own business to myself, that’s it.

“Has it been a distraction? Not really, it’s got nowt to do with me, has it.

“If I say, ‘There’s a war going on in Ukraine’, and people ask me about that, it’s got nowt to do with me. I keep my business to myself. I’ve got my own troubles to look after with six kids and a wife.

“I’ve got a lot more to think about than other people’s business. In my life, I’ve got a man who wants to punch my face in next week and I’ve got to deal with that. Anything else is out of my control.”

Fury also said: “I don’t really take any notice of the media. I know what the media can do and I was the victim of a witch-hunt in 2015 and 2016.”

Fury, who is co-promoted by Top Rank, was pictured with Kinahan in Dubai in February but played down the image.

“A picture doesn’t mean I am a criminal,” Fury said. “I can’t control who is in the building. “There could be a criminal in this building now. It doesn’t mean I am involved in his criminal activity, does it?”

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