Daniel, Come back to Dublin, Face the Families, who Buried Loved ones, Have the Balls, you Baldy Runt, Gangsters are making Calls, they Want the 5 Million Reward, and you are it? Come back, and Clean up the Flats in Oliver Bond, where you Started, or Russia? The Monk is Waiting, with a Smile?

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Net continuing to close on Kinahan gang as latest move shows ‘nobody beyond reach of the law’

22nd April 2022

The net is continuing to close in on the Kinahan gang after the United Arab Emirates froze all assets linked to the criminal organisation.

The announcement comes just a week after the US government named Daniel Kinahan as leader of the €1billion international drugs empire, and hit the group with substantial financial sanctions.

The organisation, which has deep roots within the boxing industry, can no longer use the Gulf state to garner income through seemingly legitimate means. According to the Financial Times, the UAE is continuing to investigate the Kinahan crime group in parallel with authorities in Ireland, the US, UK and Spain.

‘The relevant authorities cooperate closely on cases involving foreign elements, in line with the UAE’s international commitments and national legal framework for combating illicit activity,’ the UAE government said.

It is reported that the asset freeze includes all personal and corporate bank accounts.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee said the move was evidence ‘that nobody is out of reach of the law’. The Fine Gael TD added: ‘This shows the swift impact of the sanctions announced last week to dismantle the Kinahan organised crime group.

‘An Garda Síochána’s tireless work in building an international law enforcement coalition to dismantle the gang has sent a clear signal that nobody is out of reach of the law. The net is now clearly tightening on the Kinahan organised crime group.’

A Garda spokesperson said the force ‘continues to work with our partners at an international level to ensure we achieve the objective of dismantling the Kinahan organised crime group’.

On April 12, the US Treasury said the criminal cartel was using Dubai as ‘a facilitation hub for its illicit actions’ and named seven of its members, including Christopher Kinahan and his two sons, Daniel and Christopher Jr, as its leaders. A $5 million bounty was placed on the heads of the three family members. It’s understood authorities are hoping Kinahan affiliates will turn against them to claim the money.

Two Kinahan-linked companies – Hoopoe Sports and Ducashew General Trading – are based in Dubai and will suffer as a result of the sanctions. The recent spate of announcements have thrown the boxing world into chaos, with MTK Global, co-founded by Daniel Kinahan, confirming that it can no longer operate as a result of the sanctions.

The boxing company, which is not included in the list of sanctions, stated that ‘leading boxing promoters have now informed us that they will be severing all ties with MTK and will no longer work with our fighters’.

Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury previously hailed Daniel Kinahan as a ‘key adviser’ and was pictured with him in February in Dubai.

Asked about the recent developments, Fury, who has no involvement in crime, said any relationship between himself and Kinahan is a private matter. He said: ‘I don’t get involved in other people’s businesses and I keep mine to myself and that’s it.’

The Kinahan gang emerged in the late 1990s as the most powerful organised crime group in Ireland. Since then, Irish courts have said the gang is a ‘murderous organisation’ involved in the international trafficking of drugs and firearms. The Kinahans frequently use Dubai as a facilitation hub for illicit activities.

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