Christian Orthodox: Russians remove the propaganda fed by Putin’s dictatorship and by Karill; this is what it is like for young Russians on the front. It is not Christian. Don’t promote War. “Z” on May 9th do not use it for your flyovers as a show of excellence … the war must halt. Moska was never anticipated. US have spent US$4 trillion … they will spend more. NATO in the wings, if you go for Transnistra, Moldova or Romania (Article 5 kicks in) and NATO is activated. Sweden and Finland may be joining NATO by the end of this month.

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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty



A 25-year-old Russian soldier has posted a video blog of his time in Ukraine, showing him and his comrades firing at Ukrainian positions and cavorting in occupied apartments. Later, he laments, “we’ve had many losses.” Report by


and Stuart Greer

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