Finglas on the Verge, of Gangland War, while Flashy, may have gone in a Flash? Local Decent people, living in Fear??

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See the source image

Rival gangs post sinister graffiti branding ‘Mr Flashy’ a ‘rat’ as Finglas drug feud looks set to explode

Graffiti left on a house in Finglas
'Mr Flashy’

Graffiti left on a house in Finglas

April 22 2022 03:53 PM

Enemies of the drugs trafficker ‘Mr Flashy’ have joined forces and are now attempting to drive his associates out of the northside suburb of Finglas.

Our exclusive image shows sinister graffiti branding ‘Mr Flashy’ “a rat” which was posted in the Berryfield area of Finglas this week in the aftermath of the murder and lavish €30,000 funeral of his rival James ‘Whela’ Whelan (29).

The development comes as it can be revealed that an impromptu crime summit took place in the garden of a property in the Kippure area of Finglas in recent days.

Sources say that “what is of serious concern” about this meeting were that senior players, now aged in their 40’s and 50’s who have been involved in long term feuding in Finglas for decades, were present.

“The meeting in the garden shows who is aligned to who and it is bad news for any chance of peace in this neighbourhood,” a source said.

“You fellas in the media have been calling Whelan’s crowd the ‘Scooter crew’ and yeah they are a load of young fellas going around on electric scooters dealing drugs but now they have the backing of lads that would have even hung around with ‘Marlo’ Hyland and this is significant,” the source added.

Martin ‘Marlo’ Hyland was shot dead in December, 2006, a vicious murder that led to a huge round of feuding that resulted in up to 15 more killings during the blood soaked reign of slain gang boss Eamon ‘The Don’ Dunne who was himself gunned down in 2010.

“So what you have aligning themselves with Whela’s associates are lads that survived all that mess, all that murder.

“They are seasoned lads and you won’t find them involved in social media warfare like the younger generation,” the source pointed out.

“But it is clear that they are against who the media call ‘Mr Flashy’,” the source added.

It can be further revealed that associates of Whelan have been spotted “patrolling” housing estates near where ‘Mr Flashy’ lives in an attempt to intimidate the gang who are responsible for the drug dealer’s gun murder.

“Yeah five of Whelan’s crew were spotted in a car this week driving near Mr Flashy’s home place – close to where Whelan was shot by them,” a source said.

“It seems they are sending out a message by driving around like that and if they have the backing of the older criminals then why not?”

There has been no sighting of ‘Mr Flashy’ and his close junior associate who is suspected of murdering Whelan since the savage gun murder.

Some sources believe they may have fled the country but this has not been confirmed.

Last weekend it emerged that gardaí are monitoring sinister threats against the grave of slain Finglas criminal James Whelan – just days after his lavish €30,000 funeral.

Sources said officers are monitoring threats, including death threats against Whelan’s associates and others to desecrate his grave, posted on social media sites TikTok and Telegram by associates of the drug dealer known as Mr Flashy.

Last week, Whelan was buried in a funeral ‘spectacular’ – which saw motor bikes and a Lamborghini do stunts outside his home as his gold coloured casket was taken by horse-drawn carriage from his Finglas home.

Speaking at his funeral at St Oliver Plunkett Church in Finglas, Fr Séamus Ahern said he wished the sanctions imposed against the Kinahan cartel could extend across “the whole plethora of drug suppliers everywhere”.

“I don’t care what clan they belong to or who they are. They are a vicious, deadly virus on our young people,” Fr Ahern said.

“Their money is sick and poisonous. They are grotesque and they poison our lovely world and our wonderful people. “The bullies behind this savagery on James are sick, sad and stupid. They are flawed human beings. They devalue humanity. There is no justification. Gunslingers are cowards.

“There can be no tolerance for such corruption and viciousness.”

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