The Gangs run Dublin City, Fact, and some young Gardai are Scared to leave the Station, beyond Belief? Lawless Dublin?

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See the source image

Night of chaos in inner city as gang of youths ‘attack delivery cyclist’

“These gangs of young fellas, there’s about fifty of them hanging around Summerhill – they were attacking everyone”

Summerhill Parade
Summerhill Parade

Residents in the north inner city faced a night of horror after a fifty-strong gang of youths allegedly attacked a delivery cyclist and wreaked havoc across the area.

One shocking incident saw the youngsters attacking food delivery cyclists on Summerhill Parade on Wednesday night.

It is understood that a hero resident came to the rescue of one of the cyclists during the chaos.

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A local source told Dublin Live: “These gangs of young fellas, there’s about fifty of them hanging around Summerhill.

“They were attacking everyone, they attacked delivery cyclists.

“One of the cyclists was left on his own, and one of the residents came out, took him into his garden and wouldn’t let the lads at him.

“He told them all to f**k off out of his garden.”

A garda spokesman confirmed that officers were called to an alleged public order incident at around 8.45pm.

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