Now they are the Hunted Drug Rats, Where from Here, North Korea? Christy and Golf, Wow.

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See the source image
See the source image

‘Wherever the Kinahans go, we will be pursuing them’

Christy Kinahan and his sons Christopher and Daniel are fast running out of options as net tightens



April 24 2022 02:30 AM

The United Arab Emirates’ declaration last Thursday of an assets freeze and sanctions on the Kinahan organised crime group was heavy on drama but sparse on detail. A statement said all personal and corporate accounts linked to the Kinahan crime clan had been frozen, but there was no mention of what those assets were worth. Nevertheless, the information vacuum conjured up a host of intriguing scenarios.

Did the criminally wealthy Kinahans emerge from their luxurious residences on Thursday to find themselves shut out of their sun-soaked Dubai playground? Was Christy Kinahan (66), aka Christopher Vincent, able to pay his hotel bill? According to US Treasury officials, he likes to move around, looking after the property side of the family drugs business, leaving the trafficking to his sons. Did he get in a round of golf?

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