Irish Government, finally Wakes up, to the Kinahan, Threat to the Irish State? Garda and Army on Full Alert, and maybe Navy Seals could be Drafted in, to Close the Cartel Down, and Save Lives?

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Criminal cartels warned they will be hunted down like Kinahans

24th April 2022

Criminal cartels face a new policing strategy where they and their money can be hunted across the world, Minister for Justice Helen McEntee has said.

The minister was referring to the Kinahan gang, but she also said other criminals and their collaborators will have nowhere to hide.

Speaking to the minister commented: ‘The tireless efforts of An Garda Síochána in building an international law enforcement coalition to dismantle the Kinahan organised crime group sends the critical message that the forces of law and order will prevail over gangs which seek to spread misery, not only in our communities but internationally.’

She added: ‘The tough sanctions imposed on the Kinahan organised crime group through the cooperation between An Garda Síochána, the National Crime Agency in the UK, Europol and of course the US authorities show that, no matter how big these organisations think they can become, nobody is out of reach or above the law.

‘The subsequent actions taken by authorities in the UAE [in freezing the Kinahans’ assets and imposing sanctions] underline just how important international co-operation is. By working together we will ensure that organised crime does not pay.’

The Kinahan family was given permission by the authorities in Dubai to set up a global agricommodities export-import business in a special tax-free zone, even though the authorities knew that the shareholders included Daniel Kinahan and Christopher Kinahan Jnr, according to documents seen by the Washington DC-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

The documents also show new links between Daniel Kinahan and the international boxing business, MTK Global.

The Dublin criminals developed their Dubai business after the attack in the Regency Hotel in Dublin on February 5, 2016, but an assessment review conducted by the Dubai authorities deemed the Kinahans ‘low-risk’.

But, in the wake of MTK Global closing, the Justice Minister warned that the age of shadow companies and money laundering was over.

‘As Commissioner Harris has said, what was implicit is now explicit. Any businesses dealing with those who have been sanctioned are dealing with a criminal network,’ she said

She pledged: ‘An Garda Síochána have my full support and that of the Government as they tackle organised crime.’

She also praised domestic means of fighting crime, saying, ‘The Criminal Assets Bureau has been an outstanding model of ensuring that criminals do not benefit from their ill-gotten gains.’


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