Some People’s View, on Michael Shine, Convicted Paedophile? Never once, Showed any Remorse, to his Victims?

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NEWS: Michael Shine, a retired surgeon who was convicted of sexually assaulting seven boys in his care in Drogheda, could be released from prison as early as next month.

Former Drogheda surgeon Michael Shine
                            set for early prison release

Former Drogheda surgeon Michael Shine set for early prison release

Mr. Shine was jailed for four years in 2019 for groping seven boys in his care.


Margaret English

This is such a sad case, for the boys victims of abuse, and the abuser such a fantastic surgeon , that saved so many lives. To go down this road.

Pauline Carey

He should remain locked away for the trauma he caused those poor boys, Laws need to he changed immediately in this country, sickening even to think of it ,😡..

Ann Pigott

He did the crime he should do his time what a joke of a court system

An insult to his victims

Top fan

Sharon Ni Siochain

This is why the laws need to change in this country, punishment should fit the crime ! Bring back corporal punishment

Noelle Malone

Of course he is getting released early , always the innocent left suffering, this country is s an embarrassment

David Foley

He shouldn’t be released even if he is dying

Mike Jones

7 boys as part of his case but 100 victims entitled to compensation… 3 years in jail…equals just 10 days served in jail per victim… such BS ..

Martin Murphy

This is why no one is afraid of the Irish justice system

Olivia Liviy Bohan

He should of got life for he done ….

Janet Weldon

Disgraceful….. life and throw away the key

Oli Lynch Monaghan

Leave him there to rot

Jerry Plaster

Should be released from LIFE!!!

John Taylor

Should never be let out .

Darren Byrne

Wat is wrong with the justice system

Haze Tiernan

He should rot in there

Ian O Brien

Ian Fitzpatrick he’ll be straight to the pitch and putt course, rekindling old relationships.

Bernadette Murden

Leave him there to rot

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