“Knowledge is no load” but you have to make an effort to read, to discuss, to be discerning. Too much misinformation and it is Russia who is the perpetrator today because Russian people are conned into a reality created by the Kremlin. Russia claim they wish to deNazify Ukraine, sheer nonsense. In WW2, see below Lord Haw, Haw, and how he conned so many people; he received the death penalty in 1946. R/mend you also listen to the wise words of Julian Assange and access Johan Galtung’s website.

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Jakob Felser


· Oct 30, 2020

Short piece for a man who received the death penalty but who orchestrated so much disinformation during WW2 and who should never be forgotten so that we know people like him exist. William Joyce ie Lord Haw Haw.


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