Pensioner, Robs his own Bike. What Next, a Helicopter?

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Pensioner spared criminal record for bike theft insurance fraud

 26th April 2022

A PENSIONER who staged the theft of his electric bicycle in a fraudulent insurance claim has been left without a criminal record.

John Collins (71) was caught when he was seen on CCTV removing the bike himself from where it was locked up.

Judge Bryan Smyth struck the case out after hearing Collins had paid compensation for making a false €1,425 claim for the cost of the bike on his home insurance.

Collins, from St Pappins Road, Glasnevin pleaded guilty to dishonestly making gain by deception.

Dublin District Court heard on November 2, 2020 the accused reported the theft of an electric bicycle.

He told Aviva Insurance he wished to make a claim for the loss of the bike on his home insurance policy and was paid.

When it was investigated, however, Collins was seen on CCTV returning to where he had parked the bike and removing it himself. He was seen leaving the scene with his own property.

The accused admitted falsely making the claim on his insurance and falsely reporting the theft of the bicycle.

He had no previous convictions of any kind.

Collins had worked all his life and was now retired, his solicitor Claire Finnegan said.

At the time of the incident had been on medication that left him prone to acting impulsively and “completely out of character,” she said.

A letter was presented to the court setting out the effect the medication had on him.

He had spent the money on fixing a flood in his kitchen.

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