When will Russian Generals clear the wool from their eyes and see this war of invasion into Ukraine will never yield occupation and DeUkrainization, the objective of the “Hermit of the Kingdom”, the “Gang of one”. Recommend they read about Lord Haw Haw earlier tweet. Too many Russian Generals ending up dead. They are not properly trained. It is early days and they are losing their lives because they are not ready for war, a war of occupation. Syria is different. It is Putin backing Assad. Two egos, with too many dead as a result of their messianic self belief.

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Rob Lee @RALee85   5h

Lieutenant Colonel Vyacheslav Savinov was born in Neustrelitz, Germany.  He was the head of artillery reconnaissance for the 49th Combined Arms Army.  He deployed to Syria in 2015 and 2016 and was killed in Ukraine on March 12

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