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Influencer son of Daniel Kinahan’s right-hand man Liam Byrne deletes Instagram account

 27th April 2022

Exiled gang boss Liam Byrne’s son Lee has deleted his widely followed Instagram account.

Lee Byrne (22), who has no involvement in crime, amassed thousands of followers on his Instagram page where he regularly posted snaps of sports cars and while on luxury holidays.

It emerged on Tuesday that the Dublin native, who once dated UK model Daisey O’Donnell, had deactivated his profile.

Meanwhile, it is understood the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) is investigating Lee’s father Liam Byrne, and is looking into Liam Byrne’s access to massive wealth and assets in the UK.

After his brother David was killed at the Regency Hotel, Liam fled Ireland as the Garda Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) moved in and seized millions of euro worth of his wealth in 2019.

The CAB has also seized dozens of high-powered vehicles, jewellery, bank accounts and Byrne’s Raleigh Square home in Crumlin, which was reportedly fitted with a panic room and jacuzzi.

He is suspected to be running the Kinahan cartel from his bolthole in the UK when he became Daniel Kinahan’s right-hand man after his brother-in-law Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh was jailed in 2019.

Gardaí are reportedly still hunting Byrne and are still investigating the alleged activities of the most senior members of the Kinahan cartel after jailing many of their lieutenants in recent years.

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