Europe, America, the West. We gourged ourselves with Russian Oil and Gas (not forgetting mineral resources); Germany was too eager and they have the abandoned Nordstream 2. The storage for oil is reported to have been below half capacity. Russia saw its opportunity and Germany like a wounded dog kept waiting and supplying US$ to Russia for fossil fuels, thereby funding its invasion of Ukraine. What can we do? We can apply rations, economise, avail of the summer to prepare for the winter and our energy needs. Why not? The 40 million ple in Ukraine, the people in Syria, in Yemen, Mali and life is going to be so much worse for the people who depend on wheat from Ukraine (80% in Egypt) – they suffer so why not us in the West. This is the time to find alternatives to fossil fuels. We have the wind especially in Ireland, surrounded by sea.

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Bill @ClintonBill  7h

If we pollute the air, water and soil that keeps us alive and well, and destroy biodiversity that allows natural systems to function – No amount of money will save us ….  David Suzuki

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