Fine Gael senator and criminal barrister Barry Ward believes efforts to extradite the three leaders of the Kinahan cartel from Dubai are already under way. The Hunt is really on, if the Americans get the “Desert Rats” first, they will get 35 years in a Federal Prison, if Convicted?

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Efforts to have three Kinahans extradited to Ireland could be under way

– 26th April 2022 09:52

A Fine Gael senator and criminal barrister said he believes efforts to extradite the three leaders of the Kinahan cartel from Dubai are already under way.

Barry Ward told the Irish Daily Mail that Ireland can seek an extradition agreement with the UAE even if no prior arrangement has been made.

It comes after the Gulf state froze the assets of the criminal organisation, in response to a similar move by the US.

Earlier this month, US officials placed a $5million bounty on Daniel Kinahan, his father Christopher Vincent Kinahan, and brother Christy Kinahan Jr.

Mr Ward said: ‘I expect the Department of Justice has already written a letter to Dubai, requesting to seek the extradition of the Kinahan family.

‘An extradition treaty is only a set of agreed protocols between two countries for extradition procedures.

‘However, people can still be sent back to Ireland regardless of whatever country they reside in, but the lack of an agreement makes it more difficult.

‘I hope and presume the Department of Justice here will make a request to the UAE for that extradition.

‘I don’t have any more information than anyone else, but if that letter hasn’t been written already I would expect it to be written soon.’

Senator Ward said Ireland’s request to extradite the three Kinahans may be more straightforward given the recent sanctions from the US and Dubai.

‘It’s important for Ireland to take some responsibility for prosecution because obviously the Kinahans are Irish and making waves internationally.

‘I would imagine the DPP has a body of materials that merits a criminal trial, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

‘The Americans may well seek to extradite them from Ireland to the US.’

The Fine Gael senator added that attempting to flee Dubai will be very problematic for the Kinahans. He said: ‘It’s not going to be easy for them. I would imagine if any one of them arrived at any of the airports in Dubai or the UAE that they’ll be arrested.’

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