Kinahan, from the flats ie Oliver Bond, quickly forgot his roots. Daniel is not as bright or intelligent as his father. He once thought that he was invincible and the Slaughter that he has, according Gardai and Irish journalists, caused in the inner city can never be Redeemed. Kinahan by now is on the mini Titanic and the people he thinks he can trust will soon be thinking of doing a DEAL with the FEDS or the Gardai back in Ireland. Personally, Kinahan is a lowlife piece of shit who deals in drugs which causes havoc among the young generations in Ireland, England and beyond. There is blood on his hands. 19 lives in the inner city, families in tatters, but one fact and believe me it is reality is that Daniel Kinahan will end his days in a jail cell, hopefully in America with a lovely male partner as his cell mate, who will tuck him in every night and will Whistle Dixie. Dannyboy the Americans will not stop now and the Prosecutor in Colombia will not stop, but last but not least the former American US marine, the prosecutor, he will nail you like a squealing pig. Bob Arum has walked away like many more and the sanctions are working. The one that will get you Daniel is the US$5 mn on your head. Too many lives lost and destroyed and the justice is you will face the courts.

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