Mr Flashy is still Flashing, his Designers, around the Capital, and beyond, War on Organised Continues?

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Gardai swoop on five ‘Mr Flashy’ properties in new crackdown on mob

  • Crime Editor
  • 7:00, 29 Apr 2022

GARDAI have launched a new crackdown on the mob run by feuding gangster Mr Flashy, The Irish Sun can reveal.

Investigators from the Serious Crime Unit at Pearse Street Garda Station swooped on five properties in the Pearse House flats complex in the capital on Wednesday.

Gardai swooped on five Mr Flashy properties
Gardai swooped on five Mr Flashy properties

The raids were part of an investigation into the shooting of an innocent family’s home in the Mercer Street area a few days after gangster James Whelan, 29, was shot dead.

On that occasion, shots were fired at a property after Mr Flashy’s mob attempted to target one of Whelan’s innocent relatives.

Following the shooting, supporters of Whelan swamped the Pearse House area shouting “death to the Gucci Gang”.

As part of the latest efforts against the Gucci Gang, gardai also searched a number of properties in the Portarlington area.

The searches were undertaken after gardai identified how supporters of Mr Flashy were staying at Pearse House and also in Co Laois.

During the searches, gardai recovered a number of items, including a phone and vehicle.

Although the Gucci Gang’s feud has been confined to Finglas, officers are worried about attacks in the city centre and also in Crumlin.

At present, Mr Flashy continues to remain in the capital and has been posting images of himself enjoying meals on nights out

Tension still remains high in the area amid fears of further attacks.

A source said: “The searches relate to the investigation in which shots were fired at the home of a completely innocent family.

“Both factions in the feud have connections to other areas outside Finglas.

“The feuding gangs are reckless and innocent people have already been caught up in their cycle of violence.”

Gardai confirmed the searches had taken place

A spokeswoman said: “A number of items were seized during the searches. No arrests have been made at this time. Investigation is ongoing.”

Gardai in Finglas have maintained a strong presence in the area in a bid to halt further attacks.

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