As Ian Bailey said Below, you Never Know, What People are Capable of? So True?? Some Comments below?

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Countess Bouvier


I predict there will be a flurry of bailey related, whining articles in the papers this weekend. Pressure is on & he reverts to his old patterns of bleating to the tabloids & running to the guards with his tall tales…. Watch this space 😉

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Feth fiadh


· Apr 26

Old ” big bear”… More like a swollen tick


11:25 AM · Apr 28, 2022·Twitter for iPhone


Ian Bailey is ‘targeted in person by web troll’ over Sophie death

Ian Bailey has complained to gardaí after coming face-to-face with an online troll who tracked him down in West Cork.

The 65-year-old has been embroiled with a number of trolls on Twitter for some time, many of whom have been launching attacks on him over the unsolved murder of Frenchwoman Sophie Tuscan du Plantier.

The confrontation took place on April 8 when the man approached Mr Bailey outside a cafe in Glengarriff, Co Cork, and asked him to recommend a location to do a public reading of Killing Sophie, a book by Elio Malocco and which is critical of Mr Bailey.

“I just said, ‘Best of luck’ because I wasn’t going to get into a confrontation with him, but he was trying,” Mr Bailey said.

“He then told me he would see me at Skibbereen market. I have gone to gardaí. I have established this individual’s identity. He lives in Dublin. So he travelled a long way to see me.

“It is one thing getting trolled online. But it is another thing altogether for this troll to track you down and confront you face-to-face. It is harassment. But it is also potentially dangerous and worrying, because you just don’t know what people are capable of.”

Last year, Mr Bailey appeared in documentaries on Netflix and Sky on the murder of the 39-year-old French film producer near Schull.

The garda cold-case unit recently carried out a “scoping exercise” into the 1996 killing of the mother-of-one.

Last month, Mr Bailey sent a letter to Garda Commissioner Drew Harris asking about the status of a potential cold-case review into the murder.

It is the third time he has written to the county’s top garda in the past 18 months seeking a full review, which he insists would “clear his name”.

A preliminary review by specialist cold-case investigators into the murder was completed in January.

The report — which was to recommend whether a full cold-case review into the murder was warranted — was then submitted to Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll, who is in charge of special crime operations in An Garda Síochána.

Late last year, the force appointed the team to carry out a preliminary assessment of the investigation into the killing.

Four detectives from the Serious Crime Review Team, commonly known as the cold-case unit, examined the case file, which exceeds 4,000 pages and has been submitted four times to the DPP.

It is understood the team examined whether forensic issues and advances in technology would make the case worth revisiting.

It also examined witness statements and whether people who declined to co-operate 26 years ago might now have changed their position.

Mr Bailey was twice arrested but never charged here in connection with Ms Toscan du Plantier’s murder.

He has vehemently and repeatedly denied involvement in her death.

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