Bomber Bully Kavanagh, has hiw own Villa now and for him it is extraordinary, an English Jail Cell, for many Years to come?? They knew, how to Party?

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HOLIDAY VILLA-IN Luxurious villa revealed as Bomber Kavanagh’s secret Spanish party house

Kavanagh, his sidekick and their families took month-long holidays in Spain

Aerial view of Villas in Cala d'Or, Majorca, Spain
Aerial view of Villas in Cala d'Or, Majorca, Spain

Aerial view of Villas in Cala d’Or, Majorca, Spain

May 02 2022 10:30 AM

THESE are the stunning waterside villas where Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh and his sidekick Declan Brady, aka Mr Nobody, partied for a full month every year as they took a break from drug dealing and organising feud murders.

The pair, both serving hefty sentences for their roles at the top of the UK and Irish wing of the Kinahan mafia, took the month of August off to relax at the exclusive neighbouring houses at Cala D’Or, on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

But Brady has now lost his property to the bank, and ‘Bomber’ will have to list this address among his global assets in a case due before a court in Ipswich next month.

Declan Brady  -  AKA Mr Nobody

Declan Brady – AKA Mr Nobody

Ownership of other properties in the area remain under investigation in ongoing drug and money-laundering probes being carried out by specialist units in Ireland and England.

Cala D’Or is the playground of wealthy tourists who flock there in yachts and rent private villas for low-key getaways with family.

The properties have views overlooking the marina, where expensive eateries and cocktail bars line the piers.

Aerial view of Villas in Cala d'Or, Majorca, Spain

Aerial view of Villas in Cala d’Or, Majorca, Spain

Kavanagh and wife Joanne, along with family and friends, kicked back at the villas for years, believing they were tucked away from prying eyes.

They were joined for their annual summer break by Brady and his mistress, Erika Luckas, along with friends from Ireland and the UK.

It was there in 2016 that ‘Bomber’ took a break from his holidays to arrange with his sidekick Peadar Keating the assassination of Jonathan Hutch, who had booked a last-minute trip to the island’s more popular Costa De La Calma.

Together, Kavanagh and Keating arranged to fly hitman Glen Clarke onto the island and arranged to have Hutch murdered – but instead, the gunman shot dead innocent tourist Trevor O’Neill in front of his wife and children.

CCTV of footage from Trevor O'Neill murder Majorca running to and from the killing.

CCTV of footage from Trevor O’Neill murder Majorca running to and from the killing.

The murder was one of the most horrific and senseless of all those committed during the Kinahan-Hutch feud.

After the killing, understood to have been carried out by Clarke in a rage when Hutch managed to flee to safety, ‘Bomber’ continued to sun himself and enjoy his ‘hard-earned’ break.

The villas were uncovered after the murder, and months later Brady was arrested in Kavanagh’s weapons HQ in Greenogue Business Park in Dublin, with guns primed for use.

The discovery of the weapons was the first major blow against the ‘Bomb Squad’ in decades and documents found during the searches would lead Gardaí to uncovering the gang’s transport routes and result in a seizure at Dover which would bring down his entire organisation.

Next month, Kavanagh, Gary Vickery and Daniel Canning will have to list their assets before Ipswich Court, where all three were recently handed down hefty jail terms. Other assets belonging to ‘Bomber’ include his family home – a vast gated property in Tamworth, Birmingham.

Thomas 'Bomber' Kavanagh shortly after his arrest. Image: NCA

Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh shortly after his arrest. Image: NCA

Vickery has property in Spain and had been living in a large villa in Lanzarote before he was arrested and handed over to UK authorities. There, he and wife Nicola Connor were advertising holiday rental properties and a string of luxury boats.

A court heard last year that Brady’s property has been repossessed by a Spanish bank.

Kavanagh was sentenced in March to 21 years in prison along with his co-conspirators Vickery and Canning.

Brady is serving a hefty prison sentence here for the weapons seizure and was also convicted of money-laundering charges, along with his wife and his mistress.

The Special Criminal Court heard that they had laundered an estimated €1.3 million through transfers that included mortgage payments on the Cala D’Or property.

Amongst their spend, which was detailed to the court, was a lavish wedding at Druid’s Glen, costing almost €70,000 and with a bar tab of €27,000 paid in cash.

Neither Brady nor his wife Deirdre had declared any income to Revenue over the period for which they were understood to be laundering Kavanagh’s crime cash.

Brady, the court heard, had laundered €318,654 through multiple bank accounts, while his former wife Deirdre laundered €770,499, including €140,000 transferred to the Spanish account of ‘Bomber’. His mistress, Erika Lukacs (37), laundered a further €196,864.

Deirdre looked after the mortgage on the Mallorcan hideaway, paying €3,000 a month off the bill between 2014 and 2016.

Brady was hit with the money-laundering charges on top of the weapons charges and also pleaded guilty to hiding over €250,000 in the attic of a Kildare address which he expressed ‘profound regret’ for.

His wife pleaded guilty to two cash laundering offences. Lukacs, with an address at Lakelands in Naas in Co Kildare, admitted concealing other monies.

All three have paid money to the Criminal Assets Bureau and three properties, one in Tavira in Portugal, were sold to meet the bills.

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