May 9th Victory Day Celebration which commemorates the Soviet Triumph over Hitler’s legions in 1945. This is Ukraine’s day also; let it be known Russia is about warmongering whereas Ukraine is about defence from Russian invasion and PEACE. Source: THE GZERO NEWSLETTER SIGNAL

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Victory Day in Russia

How will Vladimir Putin use this year’s May 9 Victory Day celebration, which commemorates the Soviet triumph over Hitler’s legions in 1945? He can’t announce the capture of Kyiv and installation of a Kremlin-compliant president there. The Russians may eventually take another run at Kyiv, but not next week. Putin might announce the “liberation” of the Donbas and the territories that connect it to Russian forces in Crimea. But there’s also growing speculation that Russia’s president may use the May 9 event to make an announcement that’s far more dangerous, both for the West and for Putin personally. Britain’s defense minister has speculated that Putin might finally set aside his “special military operation” to declare “war” on Ukraine – and that his next steps could include the large-scale conscription of young Russian men into the military. That would instantly up the political stakes for Putin inside Russia. He might even declare a kind of “war” on NATO. That need not mean World War III, but it would be a statement of Russia’s intent to intensify economic pressure, military provocations, and cyber harassment of Ukraine’s Western backers.

Fred says: Where are the mothers’ of the Russian conscripts who are boys not men and if no military training? They are just fodder for ego and warmongering. There is an organisation in Russia, suppressed no doubt and they represent the mothers of soldiers. It is time to seek them out and give them a voice on the global stage. Link:

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