Ruth Coppinger did not, hold back, on RTE’s Favourite Family, the Allens, Ballymaloe, Child Paedophile Downloading, Fined, No Jail, and then Josh Allen, the Convicted Drug Dealer, Ireland’s great Family, according to RTE? Dont Forget Ireland’s top Judges, go to Ballymaloe House, for a big Bash up, every year. What does that, tell the People of Ireland, Yes, the Golden Circle, a Fucking Corrupt Country?

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Joshua Allen found in possession of cocaine in Cork

Updated / Thursday, 20 May 2021 21:17

Joshua Allen (L) had pleaded not guilty (file photo)
Joshua Allen jailed for 15 months for drug dealing and possession
Updated / Friday, 28 Feb 2020 17:06
Joshua Allen (L) had pleaded not guilty (file photo)

Ruth Coppinger


Oh no, I’m watching back


and they’ve sent the finalists to Ballymaloe. Darina playing starring role. Very disappointing. Foraging doesn’t cover over shielding paedophilia & image based child abuse.


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