Marc McSharry spoke the Truth. The dogs on the fucking street, in every town in Ireland, know McSharry spoke from the hip and that Watt and Holohan had nowhere to hide. Sean Crowe this morning should look in the mirror and ask himself “Am I a person to Chair a Meeting?”. McSharry yesterday was surrounded by a Shower of Cowardly Bastards who wouldn’t not stand up for the Truth. They should all hang their heads in Shame. The people of Ireland are not fools and I make one plea today BEWARE OF SINN FEIN BECAUSE THEY MAKE PROMISES ABOUT TACKLING CORRUPTION AND YESTERDAY THEY SHOWED THAT THEY DON’T MEAN WORD OF IT. McSharry at times might be blunt and direct but what do you want in Politics – Daniel O’Donnell singing Love me Love my Cat. Again, I repeat the shower in Dail Eireann and I say today to McGuinness, Fleming, Cowan, Calleary, Chambers, O’Cuiv, O’Callaghan and the Blue Shirts if you cannot handle the Truth get to fuck out of Politics. Well done McSharry, you exposed the Golden Circle yet again but you also exposed a weak Sinn Fein as a party in the polls through Bluff Bluff and Puff

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Accusation of ‘corruption’ against Dr Tony Holohan and Robert Watt struck from record after heated committee hearing

Former Fianna Fáil TD Marc McSharry today accused Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan and Department of Health Secretary General Robert Watt of “corruption” for the way €2m a year was committed to fund Dr Holohan’s proposed Trinity College research post.

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