Irish Jails are full, of Mobile Phones, and Drugs?

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Prisoner was caught with mobile phone on him after returning from court

 – Yesterday 08:12

A prisoner was found to have a contraband mobile phone on him when he was taken to jail on the day he received a sentence.

Brandon Brannock (19) handed over the phone when he was searched after being brought to Mountjoy Prison from court. The following day, he was found with another phone in his cell.n

Judge Deirdre Gearty gave him an extra month in jail when he pleaded guilty to possession of the phones.

Dublin District Court heard the accused was at Mountjoy on October 12 last year when he was brought to the reception area for the purpose of a search at 6.20pm.

He was being searched as he had returned from court that day. Brannock handed over a mobile phone to prison staff.

He had no permission to have it, the court heard.

Brannock was given an opportunity to provide a statement but declined.

The next day, October 13, a routine search was carried out in his single-occupancy cell and a phone was found in his possession. He again declined to make a statement.

It was not something Brannock was going to do again, his lawyer said. The accused was apologetic and asked the judge to be lenient.

Brannock’s release date is in May next year, the court heard. He is doing well in prison and has taken courses including in crime awareness.

Judge Gearty said she had to make the one-month sentence consecutive to Brannock’s existing prison term.

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