Shine is the biggest Paedo in the History, of the Irish State, comes out of Jail, and collects, 375,000, of Pensions, paid to him, while in the Midlands Prison, also owns two Plush Appartments in Dublin 4, a Villa in Alacante, Spain, and a house, past Drogheda, with Tennis Court. Shine has no Remorse, blames the Victims, but at least, he got some Porridge? Wonder where is the Painting of the Eviction, he Loaned to the National Art Gallery?

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The National Gallery still credits paedophile Shine for €150k painting

FURY Sex beast doctor Michael Shine to walk free while victims still await compensation

He is one of a number of high-profile sex attackers whose victims are still going through long, drawn-out legal cases to get compensation

It took 13 years before Shine was struck off the medical register

It took 13 years before Shine was struck off the medical register

February 20 2022 02:15 PM

Disgraced medic Michael Shine is due to walk free from prison in a matter of days while dozens of victims are still fighting for compensation.

He is one of a number of high-profile sex attackers whose victims are still going through long, drawn-out legal cases to get compensation for their ordeals.

These include former GAA coach Ronan McCormack, who was freed in 2019 for sexual assaults against young boys in his care.

Three people brought cases against him and the GAA, one of which is still ongoing two years after his release from the Midlands Prison.

McCormack, who had a series of civil lawsuits outstanding against him, had nothing to say when confronted by the Sunday World.

Sex attacker Ronan McCormac

Sex attacker Ronan McCormac

Meanwhile, doctor Michael Shine, who was struck off in 2008, has 100 cases against him which have yet to be settled despite an agreement almost being reached.

The former consultant at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, Co Louth, is almost finished his four-year prison sentence following his conviction in February 2019 on 12 counts of indecent assault and one of sexual assault.

Reports last week that the outstanding civil cases against him would be delayed after a legal wrangle over costs left many of the victims disappointed.

Dignity4Patients CEO Adrienne Reily said: “This row is between the Medical Missionaries of Mary and the HSE over costs and the victims and survivors are collateral damage.”

She added there are human rights laws in force which could be used to deal with the issue much more effectively.

“We do have the power to do these things and the government needs to change its narrative when approaching all the abuse4s in health-care settings because it’s not just Shine.”

“None of this is historic and it should be dealt with because people are dying and they were abused as children. Why are we not dealing with it?”

“We are devastated at the level of funding being put into charities dealing with victims and survivors. We’re a staff of three and a half people supporting 300 plus victims and survivors.”

“There should a national service for people abused in health-care settings.”

The campaign group has previously called for “a full public inquiry into the sexual abuse of patients in this and other cases and we repeat that call today”.

One victim of sexual abuse who is taking a case against a different sex offender told the Sunday World: “It’s not about the money – you don’t get over something like that. You are in pain all the time. You bring it to the grave.”

Shine, who was 87 when sentenced in 2019, had been living in an apartment at Wellington Road in upmarket Dublin 4 before swapping his accommodation for a cell in the Midlands Prison.

Despite his conviction for indecent assault in 2019 after a jury trial, he has never accepted his guilt and instead accused his victims of chasing compo claims.

In 2017, he told the Sunday World: “I have nothing to be sorry about.”

“Of course [it’s about the money]. What age are you? Well this has been going almost as long as you’ve been alive. This is going on almost 30 years.”

Last year, the Court of Appeal ruled that another trial involving 31 complainants couldn’t go ahead because of a two-year delay in informing him of the charges.

Gardai have dealt with 189 complaints against him and at one stage there were 218 civil cases against him.

Michael Shine claimed the cases were all about money

Michael Shine claimed the cases were all about money

The prolific sex-offender’s legal battles go back decades, having been investigated and put on trial for offences since the mid-1960s.

He continued to work in his private clinic and at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital until the mid-1990s.

Shine had already been accused of indecent assaults which would lead to his first trial when he retired.

He was acquitted on these indecent assault charges in 2003, nearly 10 years after being first interviewed by Gardai.

He defended himself during the trial, saying that the allegations “were tied up with compensation, the malignancy of compensation”.

It took another 13 years for his name to be struck off the medical register, following an investigation into complaints made by patients who were children between 1964 and 1994.

A compensation fund was set up for his victims as long ago as 1997 by the Medical Missionaries of Mary, which ran the hospital in Drogheda.

By 2011, more than 200 patients had come forward alleging abuse.

In 2012, 100 patients settled a case with the insurers of the Medical Missionaries of Mary for a reported €8 million.

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