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Man (25) jailed for unprovoked attack on mother of his children

5th May 2022

DUBLIN MAN who ambushed and punched the mother of his children in an unprovoked attack has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison.

©  Man (25) jailed for unprovoked attack on mother of his children

The victim was walking near her home in Clondalkin, Dublin when she heard someone running up behind her. Her then partner Karl Smith punched her in the face, dragged her by the arm and shouted at her.

Smith (25) of Elmfield Court, Clondalkin pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to his then partner on 3 November 2021.

Garda Ciara Galvin from Clondalkin Garda Station told Caroline Cummings, BL, prosecuting, that she was on a mobile patrol when dispatched to a 999 call. She told the court that the woman was sitting in a car and had two swollen eyes and a cut lip.

The court heard that Smith had removed his t-shirt and told the woman to clean the blood off her face. He also stole €10 and her Leap card so she would be unable to get the bus.

The woman managed to break free from Smith’s grip and ran away and hid until her mother and sister’s boyfriend came to get her.

Galvin told the court that the young woman was brought to her mother’s house, and the gardaí were called. The woman was in pain, an ambulance was called, and she was taken to the hospital.

The court heard Smith was later arrested and questioned. The bloody t-shirt was also recovered from the green area.

Emer Ní Chúagáin, BL, defending, told the court that Smith and the woman were in a relationship at the time and have two children together. She said her client had a chronic addiction to cocaine and that he is ashamed and remorseful for his actions.

Ms Ní Chúagáin highlighted that Smith entered an early guilty plea and, while he has been in custody, has engaged in counselling for addiction and anger against women.

A handwritten letter of apology from Smith to his ex-partner was also handed into court.

Judge Martin Nolan said that the accused ambushed, punched and dragged his then partner and the mother of his children in an unprovoked attack.

Judge Nolan said that he would take the early guilty plea and the attempts that Smith has made while in custody to reform himself and his expression of regret and remorse into consideration.

The aggravating factors of Smith’s previous convictions, his history of violence and aggression would also be considered, said Judge Nolan.

Judge Nolan said that this was a mid-high range assault and that the appropriate sentence was two-and-a-half years in prison. Smith will be given credit for time already served.

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