One of Irelands, Most Evil Child Rapists, Ireland has had many Paedophiles, in Positions of Trust, for Decades, and many People knew, out there, and Did Fuck all, to Protect the Innocent? Here are some more, to Recall?

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See the source image
See the source image

Mobile phone evidence may be crucial as ‘more victims of Order of Malta rapist identified’

Scott Browne. Photo: Ernie Leslie
Jordan Murphy

Scott Browne. Photo: Ernie Leslie

May 07 2022 02:30 AM

GardaÍ are carrying out investigations into a child rapist who “may have several more victims” linked to his work with the Order of Malta, the Irish Independent can reveal. Scott Browne (31) is serving a nine-and-a-half-year sentence after he pleaded guilty to a number of charges, including rape, after admitting subjecting two boys to assaults in 2018.

Ronald Bennett, he was a friend of Shine?

Franciscan friar

Father Ronald Bennett OFM is a Franciscan friar and a former spiritual director, sports master and bursar of Gormanston College, County Meath, Ireland, who was convicted of sexual assault against some of his pupils.

Yesterday, his co-accused, Jordan Murphy (22), who filmed a boy being orally raped after Browne had rendered the victim unconscious with a pain relief drug, was jailed for five-and-a-half years at the Central Criminal Court.

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