Warning to all men, Down Under, Keep a close Eye, on your Golf Balls?

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STABBING Australian woman accused of severing genitals of one of two men killed in knife attack

Police told reporters Everleigh ‘was bleeding and had a fair bit of blood on her’

Jasmine Everleigh

Jasmine Everleigh

May 08 2022 08:22 PM

An Australian woman is alleged to have severed the genitals of one of two men killed in a stabbing attack. 

According to Australian news reports, Jasmine Everleigh was in a relationship with the man, one of two who died in the attack.

Australia’s 7 News reported she allegedly severed the genitals of her partner, Samir Esbeck, who died along with his friend Sarkis Abboud on Thursday morning.

The attack took place in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick. Everleigh was later arrested on a tram in a nearby neighbourhood. She was brought to hospital for treatment.

“She was bleeding and had a fair bit of blood on her,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Mick Frewen told reporters on Thursday.

Following her release from hospital the following day, she was charged with two counts of murder.

Samir Esbeck was found dead at the scene of the attack, while Sarkis Abboud subsequently died on the way to hospital.

Sarkis Abboud’s grieving daughter Christine spoke to the media to pay tribute to her dad, calling him a gentle man who put others first.

“He was a very gentle soul at heart,” she said.

“The first thing to come to everyone’s minds when they thought of my dad was that he was a giant teddy bear. If you didn’t have food to eat, he would make sure he would give you the food off of his plate before he could eat.

“We all lost a great man, a great friend, father, brother and husband.”

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