Ian Bailey, Goes to War, with the Trolls. Bailey will be Travelling around Ireland, Reciting his Famous Poetry, and Legendary Story Telling, in the Coming Weeks. Book Early, Bailey claims, its a Sell out, to Thousands of his Fans in Ireland, and Beyond?

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Ian Kenneth Bailey


th 2022

So I have just launched my first DVD of live poetry and storytelling…available for 15 euros plus 5 p/p direct from my at The Perrin Glengariff, West Cork…it runs to nearly 2 and half hours and should be of great interest to my 5,000 friends, fans and even de dull throllshaha




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I have been here all along old lad. Laughing at your idiocy. You should apologise matey for wrongly naming that businessman. That said you chickened out od a meeting in Skibb on the 9th. So have a tendency to bottle it. /1

11:48 PM · Apr 24, 2022·Twitter Web App

Countess Bouvier



Clearly knowing that the net is closing, #ianbailey is clearly unhinged. His tweets are mostly ranting, abusive & he has doxxed another innocent person and defamed him. Looks like the pressure is too much for the convicted murderer. #justiceforsophie

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