If you see Connors, Hopping around, Pearse Street, phone for a Wheelchair, then the Cops?

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Warrant out for burglar who broke ankles in window leap

10th May 2022

A FIRST-time burglar who broke his ankles and shattered a heel when he jumped from the window of an office building has had a warrant issued for his arrest.

Wayne Connors (23), whose case had been adjourned for a probation report, failed to appear in court and Judge Bryan Smyth issued the warrant.

Connors, of Markievicz House, Pearse Street, had pleaded guilty to burglary at the Mandate trade union’s headquarters on Cavendish Row, along with a series of separate theft, public order and criminal damage offences

Dublin District Court had heard it was reported that there was an intruder at Mandate’s offices at 12.25am on October 8, 2019.

When gardaí arrived, Connors jumped out of a window and was arrested. He was brought to hospital for treatment and underwent surgery for injuries he sustained due to the height of the fall, the court heard.

Connors had previous convictions but none for burglary.

Defence solicitor Aonghus McCarthy said the accused had a tragic background.

When Connors was a child, his father was killed in a road accident, and later his young sister died in a fire. Connors was a very talented boxer but when he began to “take a drink” his life “descended into a little bit of chaos”.

After he was jailed for assault, he came out of prison with a tablet addiction.

Connors built up a debt from his addiction and the person he owed money to said “you’d better get it or else”, Mr McCarthy said.

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